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ArtSites.dk is an educational website where teachers and students can find information and inspiration on how to engage with art and context in subjects such as art, English, media, drama, history, social studies or in cross-disciplinary projects.

The intention is that the site can be used both in combination with a visit to the museum and independently. The material on the site deals with art, museums and art contexts and provides a good starting point for discussions within these areas.

Idea, text and editing: Johanna Lassenius, mag.art in art history and
Signe Marie Ebbe Jacobsen, mag.art in art history
Project manager: Elisabeth Bodin, Head of Learning, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 
Design and programming: Jens Voigt-Lund
Film: W77 - Fredrik Lassenius and Karen Brücker
Illustrator in the Superflex film: Adam Wested

Iben Dalgaard, Aurehøj Gymnasium
Anne Jensen, Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole
Tine Mikkelstrup, Gladsaxe Gymnasium
Gitte Raarup, Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole
Stinne Bo Smith, Nørre Gymnasium
Erik Øckenholt, Gentofte HF

Christine Buhl Andersen, Director, KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces
Peter Eriksen, Art historian, Advisor
Lise Skytte Jacobsen, PhD, Aarhus University

Janet Cardiff
Elmgreen & Dragset Studio
Galleri Bo Bjerggaard
Galleri Nicolai Wallner
Henry Moore Foundation
Ballroom Marfa, Marfa, Texas
Lichtenstein Foundation
Jack Rothe/Music for Dreams
Dr. Harriet F. Senie, Director of Museum Studies, City College, New York
Danielle Sharma, Artangel, London
Burt Roberts, photographer, New York

Anne Jensens art students at Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole
Isabel Aagaard
Laura Franciska Munch Chayder 
Sara Lubich
Martina Gartvall Schiødt 
Sara Tanderup

And the enthusiastic and helpful colleagues at Louisiana.

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Kim Hansen (Richard Serra, Porten i slugten)
Bent Ryberg (Elmgreen & Dragset, Powerless Structures, Fig. 11)
Jakob Fenger (Superflex, Free Beer)
Lars Ranek (Henry Moore, Two Piece Reclining Figure No. 5)
Poul Buchard/Brøndum & Co. (Per Kirkeby)
Kim Hansen (Louisiana as site)
Finn Brøndum (The museum as site)
Douglas Perkins - from Wikimedia Commons (Teacher’s Guide)

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